Regarding politics …

I meet a whole lot of people showing disappointment when saying that LinkedIn for quite a long time has turned into something similar to Facebook. I was discussing this topic yesterday before adding politics to the conversation by mentioning the common fear from candidates not able to express something that is not carved in stone as political correctness when they try to reveal their identity at job interviews.

In Norway there are so many stupid rules and regulations making it quite easy to think that the lunatics pushing out this shit is more eager to keep people outside than inside the job market and that is something I find rather strange and something close to a pathetic paradox. The conversation touched the fact that we are «not allowed» to include political views when selecting humans who are supposed to fit with other humans. It might be considered as a small digression, but have you ever noticed that people talking loud about diversity are the ones you should avoid?
– «I am just so into diversity … I know many people with coloured skin and I have two lesbian friends and I also believe that my neighbor is gay … I allow him to water the plants on my balcony when I am out travelling and many of my friends are vegetarians, by the way … I also know a dude supporting Charlton Athletic even though he is pretending to be a scouser».
You know who I am talking about, right?
You know that these are the ones trying their best to show off that they are the special ones willing to make an impact by being different while they are just showing off their own weakness.
– «I am also having this fear of climate change and we really need to act now …»
That’s when I rest my case but allow them to spend their twenty minutes while my mug is still filled with coffee listening to words similar to «discrimination» and «unfair selections» while they admit a history of former applications filled with extensive and sometimes quite impressive reasons for not ending up as the one selected for the job of their dreams even though they consider themselves being highly educated.
In other words it’s nothing but obsessions and selected truths.

My job as a professional recruiter is to identify candidates as the right fit and that is something that I can’t do by just reading resumes and listening to references being friends on Facebook. I do my own thing just like James Brown and making people talk is perhaps the secret of my success being a recruiter with no history of bad hires. The funny thing is that I am «not allowed» to talk about this but I do it anyway and this might be one of many reasons why I am working with so many cool clients all across Europe not willing to cope with the crap.
– «I really enjoy using Facebook to express myself … do you want to see the picture of my cat?»

Have you ever met someone who is trying to be an individual with integrity while still respecting influencers?
Have you ever met someone and then finding out they argue in celebrities instagram comments with people they don’t even know?

Fun fact: Yesterday I was expelled from Facebook for 30 days explained by the moderator as breaking the rules when I published a comment to show my support to the man punished for his reactions against the crimes of grooming in the UK, – I wonder if LinkedIn will turn into something similar using moderators acting as sensors that reminds me of something that might fit the communist era or even fascism, but don’t have the time to check this out.
Maybe later.


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